President Obama “Equality For All Under the Law”

For nearly four years the President has tried to appease the right wing.
He has been a steadfast moderate.
As a result of his centrist political stance, the progressives in the Democratic party have become, at best, unenthusiastic, some have become disillusioned, and some have reacted with anger.
Democrats say, “He is no different than Bush, he pursues the same policies, the same agenda, he’s just a better speaker.”
It is important to realize there is a difference.
The choice between Mitt Romney and President Obama is a no-brainer.
Mitt Romney inherited millions of dollars.
He has no conception of what it is like to work for a living, to struggle financially.
His wife recently said, “We have never had to struggle financially, but we have compassion for those who have.”
Mitt Romney almost singlehandedly has cost thousands of American jobs, in his work with Bain Capital.
What Bain does is buy a company, strip it’s assets, fire the workers, and relocate the jobs in foreign countries.
When Romney says he has created jobs, he is telling the truth.
He has created thousands of jobs in India and China.
As much as the President has tried to appease the radical right, they still attack him savagely.
They call him a Muslim.
A communist.
They say, “He is not like us.” (Read, ‘he’s black’)
Slowly it appears that the President has come to realize that he will never win the support of the far right.
Recently he has said things like, “People need to decide, are they with corporations that are making billions of dollars in profits and not paying their fair share of taxes, or are they with the middle class?”
Today the President of the United States came out in favor of marriage equality.
It’s about time.
North Carolina recently passed the first amendment in their history, outlawing gays.
Like Iran.
Who’s side are you on?