Trump Proves He Can Read the Teleprompter

trump teleprompter

Donald Trump reads from a teleprompter, ordered to stick to the text

Although trump’s delivery of Bannon’s speech was wooden and read without emphasis, he proved he can read.

Obviously, the point of the speech was to impress his Saudi bosses that not only is he not as stupid as most Americans think he is, but that he is not the raving lunatic most consider him to be. He read the speech as it was written for him and didn’t stumble over the “big words”. A Saudi journalist said “Too bad he can’t speak like that normally.”  Insiders in the scandal-ridden White House say that the next time he reads a speech they will insert directions, such as, “Look away from the teleprompter. Act like you are interested. Try to look like you understand what you are saying.”

It’s ironic that this buffoon is rapidly becoming the most controlled mannequin ever to sit in the oval office. But as he has said, “It’s hard to be President. It’s even harder than living off your Daddy’s money.”