Trump, the Elitist, Ultimate Insider

 a person who believes that a system or society should be ruled or dominated by an elite.
eg, Trump “I am the only one who can fix our country”

Now that Trump has been thoroughly exposed as a typical Insider, the most elite of the elite, his scam is unravelling.

This is the 1%er who bragged that if he ‘shot people on Park ave” his suckers would still support him.

As the candidate of the establishment, he has been given billions of dollars of free media to run his hustle on some ten million highly credulous believers. Trump is a member of the upper elite who is pathological in his dishonesty.

He makes fellow establishment characters like Romney look embarrassingly honest in comparison. His scam is somehow convincing the rubes that a multi-billionaire who brags about assaulting women, not paying taxes, cheating employees and bribing politicians is an “outsider”, and although the con is unravelling, his scam was successful for a ridiculously long time.
Trump, the most elite of the elitists, is still waiting for the sheeple to rally to his defense.

People who see the Emperor has no clothes can begin to act like adults and do the hard work of determining who should lead our country, trump, the ultimate insider, the establishment’s candidate,
Or ANYONE else.
Trump’s favorite quotation is “Never give a sucker an even break, nor smarten up a chump.”
Don’t let the elites punk you one more time, people.
Use some common sense.

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