Is ISIS Gay ?


Reports from credible sources today indicate that Omar Mareen was apparently a pre-surgery transexual who had been scorned by the gay man he claimed to “worshp”,
a regular at the gay bar in Orlando that was his hangout.
Further investigation revealed, that daesh, isis, is known among muslim terrorists as a Gay men’s club of terrorists.
Mohammed Hassan, a spokesman for daesh, aka,
Isis, said “Most people think our members are pedophiles, which most are, but we have a preference for little boys”
Terror experts say “This is well known in muslim countries, that’s why daesh is growing so fast.
Al Qada, hezbollah (party of sodomites) are considered pedophiles that will molest children of eithet sex. Daesh is proud of their gay orientation.
The murder of all the unarmed club goers in Orlando was to tell the world ‘allah hath no fury like a scorned isis homosexual.”

Stick A Fork In Him Trump Is Done

Rep. Elizabeth Warren put the nails in Trump’s rather strange run at the Presidency today.
Although the Republican Party has been spanking Trump for over a week because of his blatant racist attacks on the highly regarded conservative appointed Federal Judge hearing evidence of Trump’s fraudulent behavior in the trump university  scheme.
As Elizabeth Warren said “Trump is a thin skinned racist bully who only achieved one thing in his life, he inherited money and allowed it to be increased.”
Interestingly, Secretary Clinton called him out, mentioning his racism and saying “He is tempermentally unfit to be President.”
Trump has been silent and hasn’t responded to these characterizations.
Could this be the end of the “Orange Crusader”?