Assad says Opposition is Al Qaeda


President Obama faces an uphill battle to get congressional approval for possible Syrian strikes. If the vote came today, he would probably lose. The Washington Post’s latest whip counts show 116 representatives against military action and 116 leaning “no.” A total of 217 votes will pass or kill the authorization.
In an interview taped Sunday, Assad said opposing his regime is supporting Al Qaeda.
“To the extent the U.S. opposes the Syrian people, they are supporting Al Qaeda, the group that killed so many Americans on Sept. 11 th.”
Unfortunately, this seems accurate.
The CS Monitor said ” On one hand, Assad makes a case against attacks that sounds as if it could have come from a US cable-news talking head. He cites polls showing widespread opposition against striking Syria among US voters and says Congress is elected to respect voter wishes.

“What do wars give America?… Nothing. No political…

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