If You Don’t Like our Liberal Country, Move to Iran!

Romney is referring to himself as a religious conservative.
That is how the clerics in Iran refer to themselves.
They are both right.
Their complaints about liberals are almost identical.
“They want to make our country secular. They are immoral (unlike the Ayatollahs who murder thousands of their own people or the “Christian “ leaders who kill thousands of ‘foreign’ children).
Both the conservatives in Iran and the conservatives in America despise sexuality.
I don’t mean personally, the clerics have numerous ‘wives’ and the conservatives in America have ‘mistresses’.
But both groups of conservatives condemn liberals for their beliefs and their sex lives.
Both countries are ruled by a small elite, America by it’s mainly inherited ‘business’ class, and Iran by the clerics.
The majority of people in both countries struggle with poverty.
There is the same ‘push back’ by conservative supporters as there is in the U.S.
When, a couple of years back, Iranians protested the conservative government, thousands of Iranians, who aren’t even in the game, economically speaking, violently attacked the ‘liberals’ i.e., the forces for change.
Here in the U.S., a man, George Zimmerman, gunned down an unarmed black kid, because he was black and walking..oh, and wearing a hoodie.
Americans sent Zimmerman almost a quarter of a million dollars.
He has become a wealthy man as a result of shooting an unarmed teenager.
Only in America.
The conservatives inAmerica are passing laws around the country to make it difficult for young people and minorities to vote.
Young people and minorities tend to vote as liberals.
Conservatives here, as in Iran, HATE Liberals.
Our response?
If you don’t like our liberal country, move to Iran.
You would be happy there.

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