Raising Cain

I think I can state with some certainty that my friends on the right are thrilled with the prospect of Herman Cain’s denouement. Last night the lovely, but possibly insane Ann Coulter said, “Our blacks are better than their blacks.” Democrat party spokesmen announced, “We don’t own any blacks. Ann Coulter is speaking for the Republicans.” The women that Cain allegedly harassed are asking to be relived from the confidentiality claim, so they can counter Cain’s claims that the charges were false. At any rate, after Cain’s early denials, “I know nothing about these allegations,” Then “I remember there were allegations, but I know nothing about the particulars” Then later “I don’t know if there was a settlement” then “There was a settlement, but it was called an agreement, that’s different.” And so on, ad nauseam, it appears that his campaign is effectively over, although he is still raking in the gifts, which is probably the reason for his campaign to begin with. For Democrats this is not good news, we like blacks, we liked Cain, he was entertaining, and he would have been easy to beat. For Republicans, who probably put out the story in the first place, this is wonderful. Republicans don’t care for blacks or other minorities, and the thought of having a black President NO MATTER WHO WON, kept neocons up at night, drenched with cold sweat. Now the race is Romney’s to lose. Can he do it?