Coffee, Tea, or LSD? Redux.

According to a recent poll 50% of American’s believe a superhuman being is going to come to earth, perform astounding miracles and bring the end of days.

I’d be willing to bet that most of them also believe people who use Marijuana are immoral.

These are the people that need to vote to legalize pot, and they are not even aware of reality.

They believe in a creature that no on even claims to have seen, because to look at him causes instant death.

The Extreme Muslims  believe this creature wants followers to kill Jews, Infidels and Muslims who practice the wrong version of the religion.

The Christians have a long history of violence in the name of their deity.

A large portion of these two religions consists of ways of maltreating people who don’t accept their beliefs about their G-d.   So good luck in getting them to see what to most intelligent people seems like common sense based on all the evidence.

More and more people are using pot because it is a safe alternative to Alcohol.                                                                                                                              Alcohol use, as we all know, can have immediate serious results.  A good argument can be made that in some ways Pot is helpful, it’s mainly benign, and does have medical uses, as well.  Our government is supposed to be protecting the rights of minorities, including the rights of the millions of people that choose Pot over Alcohol.

We all probably remember that the issue that made our government special was that minorities have rights that need vigorous protection.                              The majority doesn’t need protection.

In a recent vote in Alaska decriminalization was defeated by a margin of just a few points.

So now, in Alaska, you can go to work everyday, work hard and produce, whatever, Tech Projects or Law or autos or care for the sick.

You can pay your taxes faithfully. Love your wife and children with all your heart, try to emulate your idea of pure virtue in your relations with others, and still have your door smashed off of the hinges by weapon toting policemen who have the right, and from some quarters, encouragement to treat you roughly and throw you into a cage with rapists and murderers and other violent felons because you have Marijuana.

I am not a big “Founding Fathers” Holiness guy.  They were just people, they made mistakes, just like the people who wrote our Bible, our Tanakh, our Torah.

But Jefferson would be rolling over in his grave if  he could see what is being done to people, and families, by our “Drug War”.

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