Hutari Militia, Fighting for God

That’s what they say.
They think Satan is planning something, and they intended to take over the U.S. Government, and institute a Christian Government, in advance of the coming apocalypse.
Sound pretty wacky? How does this sound, 30% of Republicans believe that President Obama is the Anti-Christ.
The very idea of an omnipotent super being that no one has ever seen, needing the help of militias to fulfill some kind of supernatural plan is ridiculous in and of itself.
People need to grow up.
I for one, am tired of people with these childish superstitions running for and gaining elective office.
There is a line from a song, “I ain’t afraid of your Yaweh, I ain’t afraid of your Allah, I ain’t afraid of your Jesus, I’m afraid of what you do in the name of your God.”

32 thoughts on “Hutari Militia, Fighting for God

  1. Michael,
    If no one else has said so, you are quite right in your assessment of these militants.
    They are no better than the Taliban or Al Queda. This is a result of the fearmongering
    done by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Glen Beck among others.
    Subconscious, if not overt, racism has been triggered by Barack Obama’s election.
    White people have confided in me that they fear Barack Obama. A family member
    insists that Obama is the anti-Christ, that I am an anti-Christ as well . . .
    The number of militias are in the hundreds nationwide. Michigan has eleven.
    The number of gun purchases is frightening. There are 300,000,000 guns now.
    I respect the right to own some weapons for hunting and personal protection.
    But why on God’s earth do private citizens need military-style automatic rifles?
    Who would Jesus shoot? What happened to “Blessed are the Peace Makers?”
    The United States needs religious and political leaders to condemn violence.

  2. Shooting in the name of Jesus illustrates an inccorect interpretation of Christianity and the bible. Equaly as inccorect is interpreting the founding documents to mean that our rights should in any way come from the government especially health care. Don’t think it will ever come to that? When have you ever seen a government program reverse itself? Our founders were aware of the damage to Liberty that can occur as a result of the state granting us rights. That is why our rights MUST come from a higher source than the state.

  3. The problem with rights vis a vis the state is not what they grant, but what they impose, i.e., drug laws, morality laws etc.

    The President of France said that in Europe, people were rubbing their eyes and shaking their heads in disbelief during the health care debate, he said, “People in Europe could not believe they were debating whether people who got sick would die because they lost their health insurance.”
    When asked about his opinion regarding the passage of health care he said, “Welcome to the nations that do not allow people to die because they are poor.”

    As far as incorrect interpretations of theology, since all of the Gods in Judaism and Christianity and Islam are invisible, and have never been seen by anyone, their views, of necessity are interpreted by humans.

    During the crusades,(and today, in the words of some)Jesus wanted Muslims and Jews killed or converted.
    Muslims believe God wants them to murder innocent people.

    Untold millions have been murdered by spokesmen of God.

    God himself hasn’t said anything to anyone.
    That we know of.

  4. You know nothing about the Militia… You only know what what the media feeds you because if you did u wouldnt be saying those things.. And kill for jesus wow it just shows how little u know..

  5. Dan, the Hutaree militia is asking for Public Defenders, that is free legal defense provided by the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT paid for by tax payers.

    Connie, just go to the Hutaree website to read what a cult this group is. These nutjobs are domestic terrorists. Michael has quite eloquently stated the facts.

  6. I’ve noticed that the so-called anti-government types aren’t really against government , they are for government when it agrees with them.

    They want the government to punish women and doctors who are pro-choice.
    They want the military to fight conflicts that they support.
    They want the government to kick down people’s doors and throw them in prison for smoking marijuana.

    As David pointed out, they want the government to pay for attorneys for them when they are accused of crimes.
    They accept Medicare and social security, for themselves.

    What they don’t want the government to do is to create a level playing field economically.
    They don’t want the government to protect rights that they don’t agree with.
    They don’t want the government to protect women’e rights.

    They are very selective about their anti-government choices.

  7. Well said, Michael. But don’t forget gay rights . . .

    Why don’t these boys who like to play army go sign up for the US Military?

  8. I didn’t forget gay rights, David.
    It goes without saying.
    The reason most militia members don’t go into the military is that, due to the crumbling economic situation in the U.S. and the scarcity of jobs, many young people now go into the military and “protect us” from the Arab and Afghanistani tribesmen.

    The Military, now fulfilling all of their quotas, can afford to be picky.
    Most of the militiamen don’t meet minimum standards for military service.

  9. [quote]many young people now go into the military and “protect us” from the Arab and Afghanistani tribesmen[/quote]

    I am interested in to know how Afghanis threatening you in the US?
    Give me ur best thoughts.
    Those “Hutari” folks were just fed-up with Barry Soetoro’s klan at Da’Hause. Maybe a little naive, maybe too impatient.
    Or everything is another setup (just like 9/11) to show us that any organized resistance might end-up like this.

  10. I put quotes around “protect us” to emphasize that I was being sarcastic.
    Kids go into the military for money and benefits, primarily.

    I cab defend myself from Afghanistani tribesmen.

    I strongly disagree with Sharia Law, and I do think the civilized world has a role to play in such issues as the abuse of women under Islam.
    It should be a joint effort though, not just the U.S.

  11. The muslim militia is unstoppable and can only be stopped by the US for a small time. If your atheist nation ignore this problem now in no time they will be killing at your door. To believe me live in a muslim majority country, a rich muslim state is no different than a poor muslim state. They are strong in Allah and will preach or say ‘kill’ till the end. To protect yourshef unite yourshef or else become a muslim before being beheaded.

  12. Tell that to China.
    They will purge any ridiculously superstitious country like yours like I would stomp an ant.
    The day of islam is rapidly drawing to an embarrassing (for you) close.

    Thank God.

    I mean the normal God, not the goat herder, pedophile God, that you superstitious, losers crawl to.
    Start selling your burqas and tell your women to get themselves ready for REAL men.

  13. Yes, your REAL men are 60 years old people who can raise dogs and cats as their children but can’t reproduce to have a child.
    For ur kind information, 80% of european nation is 50 of age and 60% of youth are muslims. Muslims will out number when the elder europeans die for good.
    As for the atheist US who think they are above god can’t even put live in MJ with all the money, u are no god, u can’t even stop tornados from damaging ur shores, God is great and u are just ants trying to roar like a lion, don’t play god. MUSLIMS will defeat you from inside once they cross the 25% population mark.

  14. I will tell you like we told Saddam, before we hung his carcass, “Bring it on!”

    Muslims don’t have the fighting skills or intelligence to compete with the normal world.
    You can’t even control your women without hiding them behind burqas and treating them like animals 🙂

    You are doomed.

    Since your god is a fantasy, my advice to you is to learn how to survive as a normal person since once you die, that’s it dude.
    Even if there was a Heaven, no Muslims will be there.

    Well, maybe some of the innocent children and women that you brutalize, but none of the death cult murderers.

    PS. You will never be a threat since we could wipe all of the Muslim “countries” off the map with a few of our nukes in about 20 minutes.

  15. U will use nuke.,? Ha ha ha , now that’s fantasy . U are liberal man, how could u kill people.
    If the nukes are used , we will be in europe.

  16. In war, the people always die. The followers.
    Not the Imams, not the clerics, not the Arafats and the Bin Ladens.
    How many times did Arafat and Hussein surrender before they finally died?
    How many children did they send off to die for them?
    For the Muslims, the future is hopeless.
    Brainwashed into believing in a deity that not only is not real, but calls for blood sacrifice, human blood, children’s blood.

    Think for yourself, man.
    Save your brothers and sisters.
    Life should be about the poor and working people uplifting each other, not murdering each other for the oil companies, which is pretty much what this all comes down to.

    You make it so easy to justify killing you, (I mean Muslims),THINK!
    Cut through the brainwashing.
    I don’t believe you are, but most westerners think Muslims must really be stupid to do the things you do.

    I know you are propagandized from birth, and it’s only the rare individual who can see through all of that.
    But the primitive hatred and superstition of your “religion” will be the end of your people, if you don’t wake up soon.
    Millions of Muslims have been killed recently…by Muslims!

    Think through the brainwashing.
    Be a man.
    Free the women.
    Catch up with the rest of the world.
    Stop the hate.

  17. Free the women.??
    For What .??
    For running night clubs…, brothels…, open sex…, many partners…, AIDS…, Broken family…, naked girls.., prostitution.., no respect.., mannerless…. Totally hopeless!!

  18. Free them because they are human beings, with as much right to life as you have.
    My daughter is a firefighter.
    She saves lives everyday.
    Women that are not slaves are very interesting people, they can be Secretary of State in the world’s only super power.
    They can be the Prime Minister of a major country.

    I understand your desire to keep women as slaves. it’s easier than showing respect and treating them as people.
    But it is wrong.
    I repeat, they are people, and in every country they have freedom they do good things.
    Bad things too, like I said, they are human.
    Not better, just different.

    People have to be free, and women are people.
    Think about it and you will KNOW I am right, in your heart you will know it.

    I have had trouble with women, but I would never use force to make one pretend to love me.
    I like women to be as intelligent and informed as they want to be.

    I have empathy for women that are brutalized, and abused.

    You should too, and your sons should, too.

    One of the reasons the Muslim world is so poor is that you neglect to utilize half of the brainpower in your people, that is, the women.

    Life is not about what is in it for you, it is about what is in it for all, for all people to be free.

  19. OKAY, Tell me one thing, why are the westerners embrassing islam especially the GIRLS are marrying muslims.
    Why do they want to become SLAVES.
    Peek into youtube

  20. Not all Muslims practice Sharia.
    Some, like Jews and Christians, have a more compassionate interpretation of Islam.
    In Judea and Samaria, (west bank) most women are not entirely oppressed by Islam.
    Many do not wear the veil.
    Indonesia and Egypt are more examples of Islamic countries that are not total tyrannies as far as women’s rights.

    In America and most of the world women have human rights, yet some, a small number, percentage-wise, voluntarily wear the veil.
    There is no accounting for taste.
    I don’t approve of it, it seems an affront to the women in Islamic countries that fight and die and are disfigured fighting for women’s rights.

    To tell a human being, that from the age of 12 on they will never again feel the sun on their skin, or a sweet raindrop, or a cool breeze or the delightful spray from the ocean, is just plain wrong.

    If one has empathy, he will eventually oppose brutalization of women.
    If one does not have empathy, then he is a narcissist.

    Gods were created to control people.
    There is a saying about religion, “The one who says he knows it is the one who will impose it on you.”

  21. If there is no god, how does fertilization takes place within the embryo? Why can’t a person be raised again after dying? What is that makes him rot even if u give him all the necessary food and oxygen through pipes?
    Just tell me How live came into earth? what are emotions and Why do you have them.? Why does your body secrete chemicals to control your body? who has created such a multi-complex masterpiece body frame with such abilities?

    wHich came first- egg or hen?
    If hen, how it came into being?

    It’s not big bang or asteroid collision..

    Think again!

  22. You sound like you probably already know that science either has answered the questions you pose, or has hypothesized some pretty likely ideas about them.

    I have some questions for you: Why does God let babies suffer and starve to death?

    Why, since the beginning of mankind, do so many truly evil people have wonderful, long and fantastic lives, while most truly good people struggle, and many good people die very young.

    Why do Rhino’s attract their mates by dropping large chunks of excrement around them?

    Why do most mammals, man included, procreate in the same manner?

    Why do we have bed bugs?

    Why do black widow spiders eat their mates after mating?

    The God you and my fellow Jews and the Christians hypothesize is incredibly complex, much more so than anything we know of.

    If something as straightforward as the big bang and evolution are difficult for you to comprehend having occurred, how could something as infinitely complex as a God have occurred, didn’t something have to create him?

  23. Thanks god, atleast you believe that there is some super power beyond this earth who has started this creation and has programmed all the species differentlly as he wished.

  24. Does innocent until PROVEN guilty mean anything? The media may have “convicted” the Hutari, but where is the evidence the accusers promised? Many of the posters here seem to reject the idea of a God you cannot sense with the five senses, yet have un-waivering faith (despite lack of evidence) in what negativity the news media report when referring to virtually any Christian based organization practicing their God given rights. Or are those rights out of favor with the sophisticates of today? Tell me how solid the prosecution’s case was again? I thought so.

  25. Innocent until proven guilty refers to court, not people’s opinions.
    They appear guilty to me from what I have seen. There is a link to the indictment in one of the comments above.
    Of course we don’t believe in a God that can’t be seen or sensed in any way.
    And there are no “God given rights”, there are only rights given by the State, or those recognized by humanity.

  26. And now, after more than 30 years of research in all 50
    states of the USA, in 47 countries, and on all seven
    continents on Earth, our answer to the question is, YES.
    Witness huge stone like statues of an indigenous Chilean
    tribe. The nations around the world agreed to leave Antarctica free from commercial and industrial development.
    They are products of glaciers collecting mud and pulverized rock from the underlying ground, which
    eventually becomes chocolate-colored ice.

  27. Let me preface this by telling you that I’m not a democrat or republican. I am in fact an agorist. Agorism is a system based on something called “the non-aggression principal” which is (in a nutshell) the idea that to coerce someone into doing anything that they wouldn’t otherwise do (or similarly to refrain from doing something that they otherwise would do) is absolutely unacceptable. In other words, I agree with people like you that gay couples have the right to get married if they please and that marijuanna should be legal, but I also respect a person’s right to own a firearm as long as they don’t use it in an agressive manner.

    Now that you know what I stand for, let me explain to you that I personally have spoken with members of a few militias in my state & most of these people really terrified me. It felt like I was talking to a warlord in some third world country. It wasn’t made any better by the fact that a large number of them believe in (and preach) completely insane conspiracy theories. However, I’ve never met a militant that believed that Obama is the anti-christ (not that such people don’t exist. I just personally have never met any of them)

    However, some of them (though certainly less than half) seemed to be fairly reasonable people even though I didn’t agree with everything they did. They explained to me their view on the second ammendment and related laws. The second ammendment states “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This law makes no reference to hunting or sporting arms, but it is quite explicit on the matter of civilian paramilitary groups. They claimed that the second ammendment was put into place for deffence against forign invasion, insurrection & goverment tyranny.

    While I have no way of knowing the intenions of long dead men whom I’ve never met, it seems clear that this was not written with hunting in mind. The thing is that we have the national guard now, so militias shouldn’t really be nessessary. Also, when the constitution was written, we had basically no military power, but today we have one of the most powerful militaries in the world. When someone brings this up, the militia member usually says one of two things. First, they say that when they joined the military, they swore an oath to “deffend the United States against all enemies forign and domestic” and just because they’re done serving in the military doesn’t mean they can forget about their oath.

    The others usually point out U.S. code Title 10, Section 311 “Militia composition and classes” which states the following:

    (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

    (b) The classes of the militia are—

    (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and

    (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

    They tell me that it’s not only their right, but their duty to serve in the militia as individuals that meet the criteria above. They even say that as a healthy male between the ages of 17 and 45 I am a member of the militia wether I aknowledge it or not.

    According to, the pupose of this is “the defense of community. The preservation of the rule of law when social services fail. The protection of the People from violence, tyranny, and other dangers in the face of either oppression or disaster. The keeping of the peace.

    When a law enforcement officer requests that you come to his assistance, it is illegal to refuse in almost every jurisdiction of this nation. Properly so, for who would turn his back on a police officer struggling to arrest a criminal? Or fighting to save the life of an accident victim?

    When you respond, you are acting as a militia member.

    If there is an accident on the highway, with snarled traffic and wounded people – and you pull over to assist, to render aid and direct vehicles around the injured – you are doing that which common decency and a sense of community require.

    You are acting as a militia member.”

    I just wanted you to understand that not all militias are bad. While I personally believe that the vast majority of militants in the united states are dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible, there are a hand full militias that are religipously and politically neutral and that I believe are a force for good. I’d encourage you to evaluate them on a case by case basis. That way you can put the neo-nazi militants in one box mentally, the anarchists in another, the religious cult-like militias in another and so on rather than viewing them all as the same because many of these groups have conflicting goals. Some are basically like volunteer fire fighters only they work with the police department instead.

    Okay. Feel free to attack me for my opinion now 😉

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