Nancy Grace, Judge, Jury, Executioner

The body of a child was found in a duffel bag, Correy Byrd, the boyfriend of the mother, was babysitting the child when he disappeared.
On tonights show, talking about the mother, the word “mother” dripping with sarcasm, and if the audience didn’t catch it, Grace said, and “And I use the term ‘Mother” very loosely in this case.”
The mother works all day at low wages. As a reporter commented, “I have been to her house, she is a good mother.”
This sent Grace into an angry tirade against the mother for dating a man with a criminal record.

This is typical of Grace.
A case is unfolding, and it does appear that the boyfriend had some involvement in the child’s death.
The mother is obviously distraught, she is poor, and black, but she obviously is in deep pain.
That is not enough for Grace however, Grace feels the need to completely smear and assassinate the mother’s character.

Nancy Grace once drove a young, female suspect in a child’s disappearance to commit suicide.

The mother in this case is a victim.
But to Grace she is evil incarnate.

To me, Nancy Grace is evil incarnate.

5 thoughts on “Nancy Grace, Judge, Jury, Executioner

  1. Well, Nancy has current lawsuits pending against her right now for her unprofessional actions towards other victims of crimes. Her jealousy over the attention that victims recieve may be part of her disorder as described by Dr. Hahn. A lot of Nancy Grace’s problems covering a lot of the cases where Nancy exhibits signs and symptoms that are well known to the legal and psychological worlds, validating her signs and symptoms of her mental illness, is best described to the layman imo by Dr. Rhonda Hahn, where Dr. Hahn gives a very simplistic description of why Nancy cannot control her conduct when dealing with certain issues, especially when her guests do not agree with Nancy or the guests prove Nancy to be so incorrect and uninformed to the facts. Of which, was one of the many reasons why Nancy was thrown out of Atlanta years ago, and why she is not allowed, contractually, to ever practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States of America. For those not familiar with her disorder, here’s a tiny glimps into Nancy’s P.P.D. (Paranoid Personality Disorder) difficulties and her psychotic actions against and towards victims and guests on her show.

  2. Yes, Michael, you are not alone in recognizing some of the crimes perpetrated by Nancy disGrace. Thanks for posting the link to the NGMD site too, but I am not the owner or manager of that site, just a frequent visitor and member and I love some of the links that prove some of the many crimes she has committed against real victims of crimes and also some acknowledgments of some of her lies and lawsuits settled and filed against her unprofessional conduct.

  3. Thanks for your contribution, I really believe that viewers would be better off without the type of vitriol spewed by Grace.
    I intend to run more articles about her in the future.

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