Why Democracy Would not work In U.S.

The “founding fathers” feared the idea of a pure Democracy because of the tendency of the majority to trample upon the rights of the minority.
This of course, is exactly what has happened.
Laws are passed every day that affect only minority groups, drug laws, sex (morality) laws, conspiracy laws and so on.
The majority feels that just about everyone who commits any transgression should “do some time”, i.e., go to prison.
We should realize that U.S. prisons are not the Disney lands that the aristocracy would have you believe.
Prisons are like vocational schools for many, in terms of upgrading an individuals criminal portfolio.
In the past, the majority believed that homosexuality was a “sin”, and they passed laws in most states that severely punished gays for engaging in activities which are part of their nature.
There were laws that outlawed inter-marriage between blacks and whites, people were sent to hellholes, and sometimes murdered by fellow inmates, because the majority thought such punishment was “too good for them”.

Brutalization of human beings in the criminal justice system is a crime in and of itself, and we at the Report plan to comment on this issue frequently.