What Does Dem Loss Mean?

As everyone knows, the Democrats lost the race in MA.

Ted Kennedy’s seat.   Ted Kennedy retained his seat on the senate mainly because of his relationship to Jack and Bobby.

I could never get beyond Chappaquiddick, though, believe me, I wanted to.

The details of Chappaquiddick are murky, reports are speculative. If the stories about Mary Jo Kopechne having survived for hours trapped in the inverted automoble in an air pocket, that slowly dwindled until she suffocated or drowned are true, then Ted’s behavior after the accident allowed an innocent person to experience a slow, painful, death.

And if accounts are accurate, Ted Kennedy allowed this to occur, a young woman slowly drowning, terrified, waiting for Ted to rescue her, taking her leave of life in the blackness of a submerged car, because Ted didn’t want a scandal that would hurt him politically.

He walked away from Mary Jo Kopechne, leaving her alone to die in a watery grave, while he slept.

I won’t belabor the point anymore.

Ted Kennedy, the last hope of the original Kennedy brothers of world wide fame, the one who Jack Called “the smartest of all of us”,  feminine followers said that Ted was the handsomest Kennedy.

Handsome, brilliant, charismatic, the heir to the Kennedy inheritance politically, the natural successor, all gone, overnight.

And although MA voted him back year after year, when it became obvious that Chappaquiddick would forever keep him from the Presidency, IT was always there.

It is said that, “Well, look at all the good he did.”

When I looked at him over the years, it looked like a guy who was having a great life, a happy life, a life filled with parties filled with people who loved him and worshiped him.

He never seemed to be all that concerned with  things he had done.

If, instead of, as he put it at the time, “hashing out the situation with friends and associates”, he had called 9-11, Ms Kopechne would probably have survived.

The Democrats lost Yesterday, Kennedy’s seat is gone.–