Right and Wrong and Humanity

Government has a role as being the facilitator of our better natures.
Most of us would agree that the luck of being born into a wealthy family does not make one a better person than someone who has the misfortune to be born in Haiti.
I don’t know if you would agree with this, but studying  IRS data and reporting has demonstrated that large numbers of Americans were born “super rich”, and have never known a single solitary want in their lives, at least, materially.
They and those with whom they associate run the country, and sometimes they do a very poor job of it.
What is required is a major shift.
The evil that is propagated by such individuals as Rush Limbaugh, has to be exposed for what it is.
If you study history and have a rudimentary knowledge of logic and reason and philosophy and metaphysics it is obvious that the world and civilization and technology are evolving.
Surely all the blood and sweat and history of a thousand years is not going to reach its epitome by being a world that is safe for those who inherit money, and cruel and brutish for everyone, or the majority of everyone, else.
No, the definite trend in social evolution, or cultural evolution, or civilization’s evolution, is altruism, and equality, for all.
To many, change is a scary thing, even the “enemy”.
Remember how many on the right railed against the word “change” in the Obama campaign?
Some are upset that Obama has acknowledged the harm America has sometimes caused around the world, but how to you get beyond the wrongs you have done if you won’t even acknowledge them?
Countries make mistakes, and sometimes they are not mistakes, they are deliberate.
Hitler did not mistakenly murder millions.
Hitler was able to convince millions of Germans that the most ridiculous policies were the answer to Germany’s, and Europe’s serious problems.
Some people hate Obama.
Most people can see that Obama is a decent man, in a tough situation, in a world filled with crisis.
The people on the right need to educate themselves out of the layers of disinformation spread by the professional conservatives, the Limbaughs and the Hanittys and that group, that earn a fortune building an edifice of hate and self agrandizement.
I am speaking to the people who work and care about their neighbors and their families and the world we share.
We are not going to return to the fifties in America.
And we are not going to return to the 7th century, as desired by the conservatives in Islam.
We are going to move forward, the only question is the nature and strength of the opposition to human progress, and the form of progress, not whether there will be human progress.