What’s In It For Limbaugh?

It’s been my experience in life that if people don’t want to help others, it takes them no time at all to come up with an, in their view, great reason not to help.It is the easiest thing in the world.

Rush Limbaugh is smart, although you wouldn’t think so based on what he says, or his expressed views. Someone said, “To him, it’s all about politics.” I don’t think so. I think with Limbaugh it’s all about ratings and stardom and power and so on. Limbaugh cynically manipulates his audience with emotion and propaganda, he is, in fact, a hate monger.
He says, “I hope Obama fails. This thing in Haiti is perfect for Obama, he can play the compassion card, he can improve his image with dark skinned and light skinned blacks. Do you trust that money you donate to Haiti through a number given by the Obama adminstration will even get to Haiti​?”

Limbaugh peddles hate, and when times are difficult, there is a market for that.
Look at Germany in the thirties.