The tragedy in Haiti continues to unfold.
It is so horrifying that it is almost incomprehensible that we can now see on TV and in the social media people on the brink of starvation, amidst a natural disaster of epic proportions, and then we can go out to a cozy restaurant, have a huge dinner, go to sleep, and forget all about the tragedy that is ongoing.
This nightmare can have a blessing concealed within.
The people of Haiti have been impoverished for decades.
Prior to the earthquake, the President of Haiti said that people fed their children mud cakes to fill their bellies as they were so hungry, and there was no food.
The President’s home and palace were destroyed, and he is homeless, he said, “I don’t know if I will find a bed tonight.”
There is criminal neglect in the fact that the wealthy nations of the world have let millions of people live their lives in what would be considered emergency conditions almost anywhere else, certainly in the developed nations.
We all know right from wrong.
It is wrong for someone like say, George Bush to live a life of fabulous opulence , having done nothing to earn any of his wealth and power other than having the good fortune to be born in a fabulously wealthy family,  and a young man suffering from hunger, malnutrition, fear, crime, filth and disease, because he had the misfortune to be born to a family in Haiti.
Rush Limbaugh today said something to the effect that this was good news, the earthquake, for Obama since he could talk about compassion and helping, “and the people of Haiti are black, so this could help Obama’s image with blacks in this country.”
It seemed pretty obvious watching Limbaugh making these remarks that the plight of a few million Blacks in Haiti is of no concern to him.
Pat Robinson said today, “The Haitians have made a deal with the Devil.” and they are being punished by God.
Most people however, and Americans, have traditionally cared about the underdog.
America’s poor are, to a large degree, fed by volunteers, Americans have always supported the disadvantaged.
All of us really need to take the time and examine our values and do whatever we can to  prevent the horrors in Haiti from occurring again, and while we are at it, make human rights, specifically the universally recognized rights of Health, food and a home for all men women and children, as important in our priorities as protecting ourselves from Afghanistani tribesmen.