Is Civility a Sign of Weakness?

When the President bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito it ignited a firestorm of righteous indignation among the macho members of the hard right.

It was not even a story, other than the right’s reaction to it.

President Obama, unlike the previous President, not only actually was elected to the nation’s highest office, his life, unlike Bush’s life, is one of accomplishments against odds stacked against him.

George Bush was born wealthy, he never had to struggle, therefore, he never really had the confidence to be himself, to do what he thought was right.

Obama, on the other hand, had to fight his way upstream, so to speak, from poverty to the opulence he enjoys today.

No matter what you think of Obama, this is a man. He doesn’t have to act tough.  He is tough, he’s proven that.

Bush talked tough, Bush swaggered, the sure signs of a man filled with self doubt.

I admire Obama’s self assurance as I despised Bush’s swagger.

The look on the face of the Emperor and his wife spoke volumes, the most pwerful man in the world was a humble man.

We should be humble too.

Humility is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Is Civility a Sign of Weakness?

  1. Michael, I just found ur website via google. Earls picture on ur site with his dog Buckwheat brought tears to my eyes. I lived with Barry and Earl Kruggel back in 1974 and Irv Rubin moved in also. I was involved with Rabbi Kahane and a member since 1968. When I lived in LA during the tough ’70s I became as close as brothers can be. I was using google to find out more of Earls Murder and who the killer Jennings is with, as far as Aryan Brotherhood or WAR or another prison Aryan gang. Nov4th murder was like Rabbi Kahanes murder date and Irv(?). It’s clear to me that he was murdered by our own Gov., probably due to their lack of progress on Odeh info, which the Feds are under huge political pressure to arrest some radical terrorist Jews to make our Saudi friends happy etc. I want to know all I can about Jennings and what group the Gov fed him to the wolves for not talking to their expectations. Jews and Rightous Gentiles Beware, For You or I Can Be the Next Earl!!! G-D Bless You for your website, and of course all the Heroes we’ve lost!! With Love of Israel, James B.

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