Are Human Rights A Slippery Slope To Socialism?


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948,proclaimed that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of oneself and one’s family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care.”

Believe it or not, the United States pushed really hard for these rights to be law.


All the world recognizes Health Care as a human right, a right which the United States, in 1948, demanded be included in theUN’s Universal Human Rights Law.
Not the Republicans, however.
Frankly,  the U.S. probably would not survive another Republican administration.
Our problems are too complex for simplistic solutions.
The Republicans believe that they can just continue to marginalize people who are “different”, that is, poor or non-White.
Aside from the ethics of such an approach, soon the U.S. will contain more minorities than whites.
Polls indicate, elections have shown, that people are tired of the Republican exclusivity, and massive government agencies whose sole purpose seems to be to “control” those they disagree with.
They are tired of being taxed more and more for wrong-headed military adventures which enrich the defense contractors and impoverish everyone else.
The Republicans believe that the only purpose of our government is to protect their wealth, and to oppress everyone else.
The Republicans say that “we” can’t afford to house homeless children.
They say we can’t afford to provide decent schools for those less fortunate.
The one percent of Americans who control 95 percent of America’s wealth, many who inherited their wealth, say that we cannot afford to grant economic equality to those who actually created the wealth that has allowed them to live as kings and queens, and dominate the world.
The children of slaves, for example, whose forefathers built much of this country, now form a huge percentage of those in cages in our country.
A country, by the way, that imprisons a larger number of its poor than Communist China.
Not just percentage wise, but in total numbers of caged human beings.
The Nobles  spend billions of dollars to convince the undereducated masses of America that it is wrong for our government to feed the hungry, that to even consider feeding hungry children and educating them and helping them with, again, basic human rights, which include a place to live and food to eat, is socialism.
The Republicans believe that the answer to social problems is more cages for the poor.
They build bigger and more expensive, and more inhumane prisons as the most efficient way to house the poor.
A recent , original bit of social engineering which has proven popular among these aristocrats of ours is the prison system of Arizona, where the prisoners are housed in tents, in the desert, where the temperature has been known to soar to 120 degrees in the summer.
The Warden of one of these American penal colonies brags, “My dog lives inside, in air conditioning. But he deserves it. He’s not a scum bag like the criminals I house in the tents.”
He is very popular among Republicans and  others, who think that merely housing poor people in cages where they will be beaten, robbed and raped, is too easy on them.
Americans want freedom of thought, and privacy in our bedrooms, and decent schools and repaired infrastructure.
They are tired of justice being “just us.”
Less than 20 percent of Americans consider themselves Republicans.
My personal view is that most Republicans are just not very aware of reality, they spend too much time listening to the hate speech of Limbaugh and Beck and the other lunatics of the right.
I believe that we, all of us, are responsible for what we do.
If a thousand members of the Nobility in America grow fat and fly around the world in air-conditioned luxury, sampling the local girls, or in Rush Limbaugh’s case, the young boys, while strung out on drugs and wolfing down Viagra and oxycontinin, in essence, legally raping and pillaging, and a hundred thousand babies cry for milk or a bowl of gruel in the Sub-Saharan desert, and poor kids go to prison for using the “illegal” version of Oxycontin, i.e., heroin, because they can’t afford a doctor to feed them the drugs Limbaugh gets “legally”,  serious wrongs have been committed.
A poor kid, desperate to get his “Oxycontin”, who goes to a 7-11 and shoots up the place is responsible for his actions, too.
Just like Limbaugh, although on a much smaller scale.
I have been, like many Americans, watching the news, and wondering where all the brutality we see on the local news comes from.
One source of origin may be that poor, hungry children see a government for the rich, of the rich, and by the rich as a sort of sociopathic monster.
Bush gunned down, blew up, and tortured thousands of people during his presidency, many of them were innocent women and children.
He bragged about torturing people.
He justified it, and so did his friends.
Just like gang members do.
On a much smaller scale.
Don’t tell me the difference.
Tell a gang member fighting for his turf.
Tell him that Bush earned his wealth and property because he was born rich.
Tell the poor that we have the right to kick down their doors and brutalize them because the drugs they sell are illegal.
Unlike the drugs pushed by the wealthy pharmaceutical companies, the tobacco companies and the liquor industry.
Show the poor how, although many more people die from the legal drugs, and alcohol, and tobacco, they are good, and the people who sell them are good.
Teach them why they go to prison for selling a drug that has never killed anyone, Marijuana, and teach them how evil they are in comparison to the heroes of tobacco and pharmaceuticals and liquor.
Ask them why they are angry, and sociopathic.
A young man goes to Iraq, and sees a fellow soldier killed or injured, and he becomes afflicted with PTSD.
He is eligible for free health care and a disability check for life.
Do poor children in America, who see their friends  and parents and siblings killed and beaten and raped, who are similarly victimized themselves, have a program to take care of them?
No, they don’t even have basic health care, and the Republicans say it is socialism for them to even want it.
The Republican platform, caring only for the wealthy, has worked pretty well for them, so far.
They have gotten richer.
And when they have financial worries, the same government that they viciously castigate for providing a school lunch for hungry children, will be more than willing to give them unlimited sums of hard currency, whatever they need, no problem,
That we can afford.
We can afford to pay CEO’s multi-million dollar bonuses from tax revenues.
Look, we probably could afford to have Medicare for all Americans…but that would be socialism, and we all know how evil that is.
Look at Europe, look at Canada.
Look at every other civilized country in the world.
Just plain evil.

2 thoughts on “Are Human Rights A Slippery Slope To Socialism?

  1. Great blog. I was a registered Republican until the last 6 months when I looked around and realized that their issues, their solutions were not my solutions. My parents were always involved in the Republican Party locally. We all volunteered. Rush Limbaugh was always playing on the radio. Then things changed. Their messaged has certainly changed, but mostly I changed either that or I stopped to listen and think about their message. I have talked with my parents and we have argued long and loud but they are started to pay more attention and THINK about the message. There may be a changed in there for them too. I hope so.

    The one thing I would correct is that a military member, if he does not serve multiple enlistments, he will not get a pension for life. If he is injured he will receive a disability check for life. The VA will always be there for those that served in combat. The disability checks are sadly very small. They rate you on percent of disability which is very subjective. We need to do better. In Congress you only have to serve one term and NOT in a combat zone to earn a pension and health care benefits for life. Are these people laying their lives on the line??? It sickens me.

    Great blog.

  2. Thanks.
    I corrected the error re: a pension check.

    I too was once a conservative, mainly because I couldn’t stand the left’s position on Israel, which was one of moral equivalence with the terrorists. I have studied the middle-east and particularly Israel, and those who think Israel is as much at fault as the criminals they are fighting are just plain wrong, and some liberals take that position, that Israel is to blame for the terrorists.
    However, it does seem like the Republicans are in some kind of dreamland, just completely out of touch with reality.
    It seems that they state their position and make up “facts” to support their views.
    I belonged to a right wing forum on Israel for years, it was the first Forum I ever joined.
    They were right on Israel, but ridiculous on everything else.
    During one round of debate they actually maintained that the Christian messiah would object to helping poor people!
    At first they started calling me a liberal, then a bleeding heart liberal and finally a socialist and communist.
    The whole thing devolved into name calling.
    I left that Forum and haven’t been back.
    So have all of the other normal people that are conservative on Israel and humane on social issues.
    The right really does act like they are insane.

    I agree with your observations about congress.
    A huge pension and free health care and a staff for life, for 2 years of “work”, (mostly done by staff).

    I hear members of the left talking about violent revolution to address the inequities in America.
    I explain to them that police depts are militarized, mainly to prevent this, and that laws have been passed to put “malcontents” away for life.

    I do believe we will be seeing, hopefully, nonviolent civil disobedience to address the wrongs that are being done to those who are being and have been marginalized.

    According to the UN Human Rights Act, Housing and Health care are basic human rights, when we had a Democratic President, Truman, our country signed, hell, we demanded, the UN recognize basic human rights, and we as a country worked to achieve those goals.

    We had to deal with segregation, which we did, and in the normal course of civil evolution we began working to see that all Americans were able to have a decent life.

    We were getting there.

    Now, beginning, I believe with Reagan (“being homeless is a lifestyle choice”) we have been going in exactly the opposite direction, while Americans are treated as disposable, valueless comodities, and the world stares at us with stunned disbelief.

    I miss Kennedy, and Roosevelt.
    We really were respected as a model by the rest of the world during those years.

    Roosevelt created 3 million jobs in his first three months as President.
    Kennedy made us all look at the crimes we were committing against blacks, and forced the beginning of change.

    They both made us believe they cared about us as a people, and made us want to work together.

    Years ago I was very political.
    I worked closely with local politicians, activists, and even some radicals.

    Then I got married again and had five kids.
    I was working hard, supporting a family while my wife stayed home, and I drifted from political activities.

    But that is another story, for another time.

    Thanks for your interest and encouragement, and for the important work you do with young people and people in need.

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