Reid Says Public Option In

From NBC’s political team today:

For the past several weeks, we’ve wondered whether progressives were crazy for turning the public option into the Holy Grail of the health-care debate….the 60 votes to avoid a filibuster didn’t seem to be there.

As a result, the conventional wisdom has always been that there would be no public option in the Senate bill — or, at most, you’d have the so-called “trigger.”

But due to liberal pressure, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced yesterday that the Senate legislation will contain a compromise “opt out” public option provision.
It was a stunning development, and if a public option is included in the final bill, you’ve got to credit the progressive community (liberal senators, MoveOn, HCAN, PCCC, HuffPo) for fighting for it, even if it once looked like a quixotic quest.
Several other media outlets (Washington Post, Newsweek, Las Vegas Sun, CBS, MSNBC) specifically gave kudos to PCCC members’ activism leading up to Reid’s bold announcement.
So congratulations, folks — together, we made a difference.

So…now what? We’ll be working hard to make sure the public option is preserved and strengthened in the final bill. In the short term, that means making sure Joe Lieberman and conservative Democrats like Ben Nelson don’t join Republicans in blocking an up-or-down vote on health care. There’s one thing you can do — forward this article to friends and encourage them to sign up at to get involved in effective activism.
The bigger we are, the bolder we can be in the final stage of this fight! With your help, we’ll fight all the way to victory.